WorkSpace Links?

I use Devonthink for everything. I have 9 Databases and 3 large monitors.

I use a Streamdeck and its URL function to assign buttons to access various groups assigning one group to each button. I get the “URL” from Devonthinks “Copy Item Link” Feature. Works great, no scripting, super easy to set up and modify. I have hundreds of such links on my Streamdeck, all grouped on their own page by topic.

I also use workspaces. I love them as I can open several Devonthink windows at once across multiple monitors. This is a huge timesaver. However, I believe there are no Devonthink links for workspaces :frowning:

I know I can get roughly the same functionality by assigning Keyboard commands to workspaces, but I can only do that for 9 workspaces. I would like to be able to do it for an unlimited number of workspaces. When you have multiple monitors, the workspace feature is wonderful. Saves tons of time.

Is there a way to do this without scripting? Would it be possible to add “Item Links” for workspaces in a future update?


That’s one possibility. But you could also assign additional shortcuts or change the default shortcuts via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

Thanks. But that’s messy if want 50 or so workspaces. That’s where I am.

Feature Request: Is it a possibility to create links to workspaces?

It’s not planned currently but maybe in a future release (depending on interest).

In what case would you need 50 workspaces?
That seems unusually high.

Question: Is there a “Maximum” Number of workspaces allowed in Devonthink? Can you have 5? 100? 200? More?

Since Bluefrog asked…

I use DEVONTHINK for everything. I have 30+ gb in 10 databases.
I have two 4K Monitors surrounding one Ultra-wide 5K monitor
I have two 8* 32 Elgato STREAM DECKS, each with a large number of 8*4 profiles (pages) of Buttons.

  • The Right STREAM DECK is user-driven.
  • The Left STREAM DECK is driven by the Active app. It automatically switches the profile for that app. I also have an index page and can access any app profile manually.

Having STREAM DECK Application profiles lets me use labeled buttons to remember what that app can do. I also have buttons for each app that do multi-step things. No more remembering hundreds of keystrokes!

I use KEYBOARD MAESTRO to automate everything I can. I have hundreds of macros. Many of these macros are activated by a STREAM DECK Button.

I’m into “Contextual” computing

  • I do many complex tasks on a repeated basis. Some daily, some weekly, some monthly some on-demand, etc… Many involve multiple apps, multiple windows or both.
  • I want 1 button to “set up” my computer for these ongoing repeated tasks - I call this a “Context.”
  • I want the Context to be the same each time I do the tasks.
  • I want to easily modify any of my “Contexts.”

I use KEYBOARD MAESTRO to set up Contexts that involve multiple applications. I have a series of sub-macros for window placement.

Many of my “Contexts” use DEVONTHINK. I often have from 2 to 5 DEVONTHINK windows open to specific DEVONTHINK Groups spread across my 3 monitors.

  • Often I’ll put app-specific files in a DEVONTHINK Group (excel, Mind maps, Omni Outliner, etc…) that I may need to access. Double-click that file and it opens in its native app. Some of my groups contain a series of bookmarks I may also need to access as part of that Context.

This approach saves me a huge amount of time. No more window administration and no more “remembering how I did this” or “where stuff is”." One STEAM DECK button press and I’m set.

How I do it now
– DEVONTHINK: Create a WORKSPACE usually with multiple windows positioned as I want them on my 3 monitors. Each window opens to the group I pre-select. Super easy to modify any workspace at anytime - just change it and save it. Even easier to modify the content in any of the pre-selected groups.

– KEYBOARD MAESTRO: Create a one-line macro that activates a DEVONTHINK workspace. Keyboard Maestro has a “menu” macro step which lets me select a menu item from any application - even submenus. Since this command shows the text of the menu if you name your DEVONTHINK Workspaces well, it is self-documenting.

– STREAM DECK: Assign the Keyboard Macro to a Button on the STREAM DECK. All of my buttons are color coded with text labels - no remembering what hundreds of icons mean.

How I used to do it:

  • Started with Programming multi-step actions on my STREAM DECK: to open DEVONTHINK and goto a keyboard shortcut. This was both tedious and hard to keep current. It was not intuitively obvious which keystrokes go with which workspaces. I quickly got bogged down as the number of Contexts increased.

  • Moved to creating “Context” macros in KEYBOARD MAESTRO. This involved creating windows, moving them around, then setting the DEVONTHINK Group in each window. Doable, but very time-intensive and difficult to modify each individual context. These macros were complex.

  • Now just doing what I described above. Super quick, self-documenting, and easy to modify. Obviously, I hope there is no limit to the number of Workspaces I can have.

This should help show what I am trying to do


It’s unlimited.