Workspaces - workarounds for when they don't work?

Hello all,

The Workspaces ‘tool’ [where open files/windows etc. can be named, and then re-opened in the same ‘state’ at later stages], is a brilliant concept - when it works! 8)

Unfortunately, of late, it’s been a bit of a hit-and-miss.

I’m not sure where the problem lies (possibly with DTPO updates??), but re-opening two of my most recently created workspaces saw 1 do virtually nothing (it took me to a specific group, but opened none of the files that were associated with it), whereas the other opened a specific group and 4 other files into tabs, but failed to open the other +/- 10 that I had saved…

Is there a place where these Workspaces ‘settings’ are saved? Could they be kept somewhere to be restored, in the event that something goes wrong and they no longer open as they were initially set-up?

Any other suggestions to mimic the effects of a Workspace?

Possibly an interaction with Sierra tabs is in play here?

That was my though too… Cannot recall having issues prior to using tabs inside DTPO.
Thing is, I find viewing in tabs useful at times, not so useful at others…

Your(?) script of capturing the URLs >> Contents page RTF of selected files was something I was thinking of, i.t.o. a workaround - but that’s not an option with 15/20 files open in a single window in tabs, since there’s no way to ‘select’ them. So I’m hoping that the ‘details’ of the Workspaces is accessible somewhere else, for safe-keeping/re-use.

Workspace information is in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/OrderedWorkspaces.plist.

Thanks Jim - will have a look.

FWIW - it certainly appears as if macOS Sierra’s TABs (Open In…) is the culprit here.

Opening one of my workspaces up today, that had 6 files open together, in tabs, in a single window, only saw ONE of those 6 restored (along with the Main DB window).

Fortunately, I had learnt from last time, and had kept a note of the files/articles that I had open.

Went over to Preferences/Dock, and switched off the ‘Open in Tabs’ option.
Opened all the files in separate windows - edited/updated the Workspace, and closed DTPO.

Re-opening DTPO, and activating the Workspace, saw all 6 files open up in their separate windows.

I find managing many open files to be very convenient in Tab view, since you can quickly cycle through the different files.

However, the Workspaces feature is even more important to me, given how I can instantly ‘continue’ where I left off, when returning to that particular ‘topic’/research node.
As such, I will rather choose to forego Tabs, than not be able to use Workspaces.

That said - herewith a friendly request that the developers look at updating Workspaces to work properly with Tabs (if possible) - that really would be appreciated! 8)

macOS 10.12.5
DTPO 2.9.11