Worth buying both DT and DN?

Perhaps a silly question – I got a bit excited on the day I discovered DEVONthink and bought everything in the arsenal. Now that I’ve had a chance to fool around with the programs a bit, here’s my question: Is there any reason to buy DEVONnote if you already have DEVONthink? I mean, does DEVONthink do everything DEVONnote does, and more? Or does DEVONnote do something extra that DEVONthink doesn’t do? Thanks for listening.

How much money do you have? Please send it. This comes to mind as Tax Day nears. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I do use DEVONnote as well as DEVONthink Pro Office.

DN has a Window menu option that allows it to ‘float’ above the window of any other application (including DT Pro Office). That makes it convenient for taking notes/clippings while reading something in another application. When not needed, I minimize the DN window to the Dock.

I know there are utilities that allow one to float a window by hacking OS X, but I try to avoid such utilities whenever possible.

I stopped using DEVONnote, because I found that you can set a keystroke shortcut (in DEVONthink) for “Take Note” and it will save in whatever location you have selected in your preferences.

I sent mine to Option-n, and have DT save it in the Global Inbox.

It works whether or not I have DT in focus.


Aaron Kulbe

Thanks everyone. OK, so if the only difference is that it can float above other windows, I think it’s safe to say I should recommend one or the other, but not both. It seems like DEVONnote is like a mini DEVONthink, like DEVONthink Ultra-Personal. I know what I’ll use it for, anyway.