Would it be possible to highlight while reading a PDF

Especially now with the office version I tend to get more and more PDF.s (still haven’t started to scan but that is just a matter of time, we get our scanner today)…
While reading scripts etc. I always underline and make comments in the text. I guess the commenting is hard to achieve. But to be able to highlight seems to be within reach, or am I wrong.

Especially practical is the way to jump from highlight to highlight that I am spoiled with from Highlighting RTF.s for instance.

Are you going to include this feature?


I support you, leif.
an »in-built-commenting-and highlighting-tool« would be great and very usefull for my work.

DT Pro uses Apple’s PDFKit for PDFs. At the moment we can’t do highlighting of PDFs while viewing them in DT Pro.

I’m hoping for enhancements of PDFKit by Apple, that will allow more neat things.

But you can open your PDF file under Preview, perform highlighting and save the PDF. Next time you open that PDF in DT Pro the highlights appear.