Would like ability to categorize URL's

When I use DA to bring up a bunch of URL’s related to a search, I would like it if DA gave us the ability to put them into categories like “archived”, “copied to DT”, “ignored”, etc. Then, the next time I run the same query, if it finds the same URL’s, I don’t want to see them if I have already categorized them. In other words, once I have looked at a URL and decided to keep it or ditch it, I don’t want to see it again, unless I reset the “ignored” flags. Is something like that going to be possible in a future release, or is there a way to do that now?

If you send the results of the first search to the Archive, you can set up subsequent searches (using the same query) to filter already archived items from the new set of search results. That’s what makes scheduled/repeated searches so useful. Only the new results of subsequent searches are presented to you.

I really don’t know about the utility of categorizing URLs, e.g. flagging some as “ignore”. I often do searches resulting in hundreds or even thousands of results, especially when I’ve done a series of searches over time, using the same query and, of course, filtering out already archived results. In cases like that, I’ll either dump the archive over to DT Pro and eliminate unwanted items there, or select some useful results and just send those over to DT Pro.

But I’ll mention your request to Christian.

Thanks for the archive tip. Does it work the same way if you send all of the search results over to Devon Think Pro, or does it only work with the archive? I guess I just don’t want to save everything twice…

Pages must be in the archive for filtering in subsequent searches to be effective.

There would be so many logical variables in trying to ‘flag’ items that have been sent over to DT Pro and deleted from the archive that I can’t recommend development time on that at this time. Maybe later?

I’ve got lots of disk space and RAM, so my Archive at the moment has 18 groups and over 13 thousand items. That lets me do subsequent searches on topics of interest and only see the “new stuff”. Periodically, I do delete groups from the Archive when I’ve finished up a topic.

Tip: If the Archive contains pages that you don’t want to see again, and you plan subsequent or scheduled searches on that topic, don’t delete the useless pages from the Archive. Else, they will show up again in the next set of search results!

A future release will probably make the “Only new pages” option available for non-scheduled searches too (currently this option is only applied to actions but not used to present the results in the search window).