Writing/formatting notes is a nightmare in the current DevonTHINK to Go

Well so far we are still waiting for bug fixes on DTTG. Been 8 months without an upgrade to fix bugs there. Not even asking for new features, just bug fixes. Paid for DTTG with in app purchase upgrade but yet have to put up with bugs. Mac DEVONthink is one of my favourite app but DTTG is simply one of the terrible ones.

DTTG has a lot of work needed… but did you ever use DTTG version 1? Now that truly was “terrible”. :upside_down_face:

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Already not happy with v2.7.7, lucky was never on v1 :sweat_smile:

Yea. I think the developers would say the same about version 1. :slight_smile: Version 2 was a complete and total rewrite with massive syncing improvements. I find version 2 OK for merely having your data as reference on the go, which is pretty much all I use it for, but that alone is extremely valuable for me.


I understand technology moves very fast. But I have several ios apps that do a great job of entering and editing text with no problems.

Granted. But then they probably do a less great job in organizing documents. I’d use e.g. iAWriter for writing and DTTG for organizing etc.

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See this