WYSIWYG editing not work on DTP 3.7

Please see if anything i am missing?

Which version of macOS and which plain text font (see Preferences > Editing) do you use?

Oh i see, it works now. I changed the plain text font.

I seem to be missing something too. What are the constraints of the plain text font? I randomly chose a few with no noticeable difference in the editor. I’m using macOS 10.15.7

Set it to Menlo or Lucifer Grande.
What do you see?

My plain text font is: Menlo Regular 11

I don’t believe that I ever changed it and this is what I see:

I should see bold instead of **, right?

No. This is a hybrid rendering similar to what people have been requesting so the control characters are still displayed along with the formatted text.

Note dark mode may not display such differences as well as light mode. This is a known psycho-optical effect (and another reason dark mode is no panacea). See…

PS: It’s clear WYSIWYG is working in your document as the header is displaying in larger, bold type.