WYSIWYG PDF archiving on subscription sites

I use the “Clip to DEVONthink” extension for Google Chrome to print one-page PDFs of all the stories I read on the Internet. I do this because I want to keep exact versions of the stories I read, complete with the exact ads, banners, etc… that surround the stories as I read them, and in PDF format.

Unfortunately, where I run into trouble is with sites like The New Yorker, which I have a subscription to. After a certain number of articles the extension no longer works correctly because the website thinks I’ve read enough articles, despite being logged in to my account in the browser, and so the one-page PDF is hazy and has the login notice front and center.

Using other formats in the extension does not fulfill the archiving requirements I mentioned above, and neither does using the print menu to print to PDF.

Does anybody know of a software solution that will do exactly what the “Clip to DEVONthink” extension one-page PDF feature does but actually prints WYSIWYG all the time (Understanding that I must be logged in to sites that require subscriptions)?

Not sure if it fits the bill for you but I used Web Snapper by Tasty Apps a long time ago.

Another solution might be to browse the website and its articles using DEVONthink and use Data > Capture > PDF (One Page). The result is WYSIWYG and this doesn’t increase the number of read articles.

Neither of those options appear to work - they both show a page with the “You’ve read too many complementary articles” despite my being logged in to my account.

Have you tried the Evernote clipper? DEVONthink can import content from Evernote.