X-callback get UURI ID


Can somebody please tell me how to retrieve the unique ID for a document using Workflow.is? Formerly, it worked with “Get name” but now I am pretty puzzled how to get it.

The trouble is that DTTG shares for instance to 2Do but only with the temporary link which is not a help at all. I would like to get x-DEVONthink-item://Unique ID. (UUID), so that I am able to pass this parameter to 2Do using Workflow.

Thanks to the DevonTeam to have extended x-callback!

Thank you for your help.


Funny, I just wanted to ask exactly the same question since my workflow for 2Do doesn’t work anymore too :slight_smile:

Not sure what this means.

When sharing with 2Do, instead of the x-devonthink-item: link to the file, you now get a link that looks like this and does nothing.

Noted and an issue has been filed.

Related to this, using the Share extension on macOS sends a local link of the kind:


If this could be changed to the x-devonthink-item link instead that would be awesome.

still the question is how to get UUID using workflow.is??


What about the Match Text action to cut the UUID out of the item link?

I’m out of my depth with how iOS extensions are programmed, but I’ve been playing with Pythonista’s share extension with DTTG documents, and see that several types of input are available. In DTTG’s case, the input is a file path, using the original filename appended with a special (001A) code that makes “Import with DEVONthink” round-tripping work.

Perhaps this special code could be replaced with the UUID (without breaking the round-tripping feature)? And then automation apps like Pythonista could scrape the UUID from the filename.

Another type of input available to extensions is URLs. When playing with Pythonista’s share extension, I can see shared documents from DTTG have no URL set. Is it possible for DTTG to share both the file path AND the URL (containing the UUID)? If that were the case, this might be a cleaner solution for automation apps like Workflow.

Love this app, by the way. :slight_smile: