X-devonthink-item:// parameters do not seem to work together

If I try to concatenate two parameters (like is said in Manual), one of them stops working, e.g. x-devonthink-item://UUID?reveal=1&page=5 reveals the PDF in think window, but fails to go to page 5. I want to open needed page in the same think window, not in the separate document window. What’s wrong here? (both windows have “current page” property…)

The page parameter isn’t supported (yet) if the reveal parameter is also specified.

Why is that? Do you plan to implement it?
For those, who browse the links intensively it’s overwhelming to close the doc windows here and there, all the more, I want to see where I am in my groups structure after coming somewhere by the link. I have to push reveal buttons and close doc windows often…

No requests so far, the “reveal” parameter is a relatively new option. But a future release will support it.

Thank you!
Looking forward!