xls files


It would be great, to be able to view and edit
xls spreedsheet files, and do searches on them within


We agree. Unfortunately, the Excel file format is completely proprietary and can only be read by one application: Excel itself. Sure, OpenOffice and some others can read .xls files, but only to a certain extend. Also, embedding the complete Excel functionality into DEVONthink would blow it up insanely.

We will have the possiblity to create tables in DEVONthink Pro, though.


Tables, YES… YES, that would be excellent,


And of course DT Pro will read CSV/TSV files - and therefore you could export your spreadsheets to such files and import them afterwards into DT Pro.

Speaking of which…

Do we have an estimate for DT pro’s arrival?

:wink: :slight_smile:

DT 1.8 and "DT Lite" (will get a different name) will be released first :wink: (version 1.8 coming this week).

Is DT “lite” the current DT? I’m confused…???

I was wondering when the "Pro" version might see the light…

No. “DT Lite” will be a product with a unique name - it’s not DT PE. And DT PE already includes some features which were initially part of the Pro edition, e.g.

  • PDF support
  • Word support (using Panther or AntiWordService)
  • Fast database initialization, caching of internal values
  • Note pad/Outline views
  • Retrieval of similar words based on context
  • At least simple AppleScript support
  • WebKit integration and simple Quicktime integration

The new database format of v1.8 is another thing we wanted to introduce with DT Pro - we didn’t expect people to create databases with up to 1 GB of data :wink: Therefore we have to add other/new/more features to DT Pro :smiley:

But as soon as DT 1.8, DA 1.2.1 and “DT Lite” will be available (within the next 10 days), we’ll focus all our efforts on DT Pro. I’ll promise :slight_smile: