Xmarks for DEVONagent

I am almost at the point of using DA as my default browser (especially given the current problems with Safari 5.1 and 1Password). However, what is stopping me is the implementation of Bookmarks. I would like to be able to use DA as my default browser and to save bookmarks from within it, while retaining cross-browser compatability of my bookmarks. I achieve that in Safari by using Xmarks for Safari, which makes my bookmarks accessible in Firefox and Chrome through similar add-ons.
Is there any possibility of adding “Xmarks for DEVONagent” functionality to DA, which would display bookmarks from Xmarks in the sidebar and allow DA to add to (or alter) those bookmarks?

thank you for the suggestion! Actually the developer (Xmarks, Inc.) would have to support DEVONagent but that’s very unlikely as only the most popular browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) are supported.

However, one workaround might be to export DEVONagent’s bookmarks to Safari in a future release but you would still have to use Safari every then and now.

Many thanks for the feedback. Export Bookmarks from DA will be a great addition! And it would indeed be a reasonable workaround.