XMenu 1.9.3 -- position to the left of menu extras

I recently upgraded from XMenu 1.9.1 to 1.9.3. Somehow the option “To the left of menu extras” works differently. XMenu 1.9.1 was to the left of all menu extras, 1.9.3 only to some; in particular, on my system it was still to the right of Meteorologist, Camouflage, ChronoSync Scheduler. Changing the order of entries in the Login Items pane (in System Preferences --> Accounts) did not make a difference. For me, XMenu is less easy to access if it resides somewhere in the middle, and so I reverted to 1.9.1. Is there any other solution?

The other ones are, like XMenu, probably no real menu extras and the order should depend on the order the applications are launched/initialized (assuming that these applications don’t use private Mac OS X APIs to define their own priority). Where’s XMenu located after restarting it?

When I quit 1.9.3 and relaunch it, then it appears to the left of everything (where I want it). Probably, the other items that I mentioned are not real menu extras (I can’t change their position by command-dragging, and if I remember it correctly, that’s a test).

However, I had already placed 1.9.3 at the end of the login item list (below Meteorologist, ChronoSync Scheduler, Camouflage), thinking that would make it load last, but it still didn’t end up to the very left of these items after a new login (or reboot, etc.).

Version 1.9.1, by contrast, ends up to the very left regardless of its position in the login items list: all I need to do is check “To the left of menu extras” in XMenu’s preference pane. This makes me suspect that there was a change in code from 1.9.1 to 1.9.3 that also influences XMenu’s position on the menu bar.