XMenu doesn't show all folder contents in Sonoma

In Sonoma, the Custom (user-defined) menu doesn’t show all the contents of some folders. In a folder containing 27 items, only 7 appear in the submenu for that folder in XMenu. I don’t see anything in Preferences that would affect this. I read the post here at “XMenu not displaying full folder contents in MenuBar dropdown”, which discussed a similar problem with earlier OS versions but did not find a solution.

Welcome @jrethorst

  • Have you given XMenu Full Disk Access in System Settings > Privacy & Security?
    • If not, you should.
    • If so, provide more information on the issue, like what is specifically in the Finder folder that’s not appearing.

Yes, I have given XMenu full disk access. XMenu shows 7 files in the Utilities folder: Easyfind, Free Ruler, Keyboard Maestro, Onyx, The Unarchiver, VueScan and XMenu, plus one folder, out of 27 items that are actually in the Utilities folder. None of these are Apple apps, but I don’t see any other common qualities. For the Applications folder, XMenu shows 40 items out of 80 that are actually in the folder. But for the Home user folder, all 16 items there show in XMenu.

Thank you.

  • What version of XMenu are you running?
  • Does the issue persist after rebooting the Mac?

XMenu 1.9.11. The problem persists after rebooting.