xmenu missing icons


i am very grateful for xmenu as it is the only one of a large lot of apple menu replacements that actually works, doesn’t steal large amounts of processor cycles and doesn’t destabilize the computer. i’d love to have a  column for running apps as well, but as is it’s great (my custom menu has aliases to all my regular apps so i can switch to most things but the finder there.

on the other hand i am missing icons in my xmenu for adobe’s photoshop and imageready as well as url manager pro.

even making new aliases or navigating to the original doesn’t seem to solve the problem. they do turn up in x-assist so it doesn’t seem to be a problem with the icons.

any ideas?

all the best,


Try to switch the icon option to “Unique”. And/or copy & paste the icon from the original application to the aliases using the Finder’s info panel.

unique worked. pasting the icon from application hadn’t worked before i turned on unique.

thanks for the info.

is there going to be a performance hit for the pleasure?

This might slow down things as XMenu loads the icon for each item  initially (instead of loading them only for each file type) and whenever the contents of the menu have to updated. But if your menus are small and/or use submenus heavily this should be fine.

XMenu is a godsend for me, and much appreciated! After recently upgrading from Mac OS 10.6.8 to 10.13.3, I lost my beloved FruitMenus and I’m very thankful for an option like XMenu. I was using the Generic Icons (and was really bummed) until I found this thread and turned on Unique Icons. Now I’m very thrilled!

I’d like to donate to XMenu via PayPal, if that will help continue its development and support, but I didn’t see how…

Thanks for the offer and kind words of support.

I load very, very few apps at login on any of my Macs. XMenu is one of them. I use it every single day, all throughout the day (no exaggeration). It’s a quiet little app, but does what it does well. :smiley:

Thanks for the offer! Donating isn’t possible but you might have a look at our commercial applications of course :smiley: