Xmenu Question

Ok so I’ve installed the Xmenu and have a 120GB SSD as main OS drive and a 2TB as Storage and Applications.

Now I know you can already have the Apps in the menu bar via Xmenu and you can also set up a USER DEFINED one to which use’s the custom folder sadly located back on the main SSD drive.

So I would like to know as i have an Applications folder also on my storage 2TB drive for large Apps/Programs and would like this folder set as the custom but with out it storing the Apps back in the custom folder on the main SSD drive.

Can I edit anything with in the app to move the custom folder to the other Large 2TB drive ?
Having the custom folder filling up my SSD is not an option.

Thank you

There is no way to point the built-in Applications option in XMenu to a non-standard location.

You don’t need to “fill up the Custom folder”. In XMenu’s Preferences, make sure “Follow Links” is checked and add an alias from the /volumes/2TB Drive/Applications (as an example) to the Custom folder. Note: You can also do this in a very selective way and just add aliases to apps you commonly use.

Thank you for your reply.

I never wanted to move the Main Application anyway, I just wanted both of my Application folders in Xmenu.
So now being new to mac, I’ve to learn how to make an alias you say ?

The Follow links was already ticked, think by default that is.

any good tutorials about on making alias as I’m seeing a few ways how to go about it, but someone somewhere always pipes up and says that’s not recommended lol

the path i need is /volumes/Storage/Applications

Thanks again

You’re very welcome. Here’s a blog post on the subject: blog.devontechnologies.com/2015/ … om-folder/

Welcome to the Mac family! :smiley:

Lol I’ve never seen it put so darn simply before, Really all other tutorials I’ve been reading have you either bringing up the Terminal or using some script and long drawn out process to create a alias link.

Thank you again for your Help, and welcome to the Mac Family

regards Gary