xmenu's position on the menu bar


First off, xmenu is a great tool.  I missed the accessiblity of the menu in OSX.  

I was wondering if is possible to reposition the Xmenu icon on the menu bar.  The other icons on my menu bar push the Xmenu icon towards the middle and sometimes the application menu items cover it, making it inaccesible.  I tried Command-Clicking to move the icon to right of the menu bar but to no avail.  If it’s not possible now, maybe it can be added in a future release.

Thanks!  ;D

XMenu should appear on the left of all menu extras (but it’s currently not possible to move the icons as XMenu is not a menu extra as Apple does not like 3rd party menu extras).

Menus of version 1.1 will appear really on the right side of the menu bar and therefore always have the same position (no matter how many menu extras are installed…)

Thanks for the quick replies!  ;D  I’m looking forward to version 1.1.  I was wondering though, I use Menu Meter which puts indicators on the menu bar that can be moved.  How different is this from Xmenu v1.0?  (if this is off topic on this forum, just say so)  Thanks again for this great app!

XMenu is a "faceless" application (using an official API), MenuMeters use menu extras (using an unofficial API requiring MenuCracker).