XML Plugins

Does anyone know of a web site or resource that provides downloads of XML search plugins for DevonAgent?  If not, perhaps DevonTechnologies could offer this resource on their site.

I’ve tried to create my own plugins but can never get them to work. Console will indicate that DevonAgent couldnt load the plugin and thats as far as I get.

Perhaps those with better abilities than myself could make their plugins available to the rest of us.

I am specifically looking for plugins for Scirus (a9.com)

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

If DEVONagent couldn’t load them, then probably the code is not proper XML - try to load them in Apple’s Property List Editor. If that should fail, then the syntax of the file is not correct (e.g. the characters <, >, & and " inside string tags have to replaced with &lt; &gt; &amp; and &quot)

However, there’s no such download resource yet. But v1.4 will add around 60 new XML plugins and if you or somebody else wants his own plugins to be included (or to be part of a dedicated download page), just let us know.