Yandex plugin missing?

Hi there,

Was looking through my plugins, and was startled to see that Yandex is not on my plugin list, although the DevonAgent Help does mention Yandex as a plug-in. Is there any way to create/restore it?

Thanks so much!

The help is unfortunately outdated, it’s not included anymore.

Thanks for the quick answer, I see Yandex is still mentioned in the latest manual though too. I guess that’s outdated as well.

To confirm, is there no workable Yandex plugin anymore?

Thanks again!

Correct – there is no Yandex plugin available any longer. I will remove the reference from the documentation.

It looks like they finally closed the old XML documentation page that was here:

Now, there is a new API, but it is pay for more than 1000 hits per month – the XML method is easily converted, but they require you to have a service account and use access keys: