Yellow label shows too bright in iOS menu

When I try to choose a label color from the menu on iOS and when I like to use yellow, the text there is hard to read.

The issue is noted. Thanks.

Just made the decision to switch over & use DEVON & noticed this on the iOS app when I bought it yesterday and was playing around with it.

Not sure if the below is by design or not (and don’t recall if it’s the same on the macOS app or not), but it can be hard to tell where the password box is, if one is needed, or if two are needed. On the iOS app at least, but this might be a ‘noob’ issue mainly (and I believe the app/OS doesn’t allow any of the password info to be captured even though it is all just dots anyway so it is even harder to tell if text boxes are there as there is usually some warning text as well).

Welcome @appoli

As noted several other places on the forums… Dark mode is not currently supported in DEVONthink To Go. It is planned for a future release.

Version 2.7.6 has just hit the App Store. Not with dark mode but explicit light mode so that colors should be back to normal for the moment.

@BLUEFROG - I’m sure that this had been covered in multiple places, but doing a quick search I did not find any posts about that specific bit.
And FYI - my phone was NOT in dark mode & it wasn’t just the passwords that one couldn’t see (but based on the update released seems like this was already know :slight_smile: )

@eboehnisch Just downloaded the updates, everything looks great. Thanks for the heads up!