Yet another DT Missing/lost file issue

I’ve been running the file integrity option regularly to ensure I can catch lost data before I lose it completely. I am also moving items out of DEVONThink because for me it is no longer a reliable trusted data storage system.

I am now at the point that I can verify something I thought was happening, that DT reports far more files than exist in the database. I have nothing in trash and no tags so why are there only 184 files in my database yet file integrity thinks there are 404?

Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 5.38.00 AM

Where/what are the other 220 files?

Did you ever reply to @cgrunenberg’s question of 21 November last?


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Yes I did and the issue was closed with no resolution

What is reported on a File > Verify & Repair on the database?

Successfully verified.

And as mentioned the file verify is also showing everything ok.

More info, some files were in the root level (i.e. not in groups) but not the total difference in numbers. And even more interesting, all the files in Root are ones I had already removed, deleted and then emptied the trash. SO there shouldn’t have been any in there at all.

Where exactly?

If you look at the screen shot you can see that the files shown in groups there are only reported 184 files. Looking at the file verify it reports 404 files. There were over 150 files in Root but that still leaves MIA files that the file integrity tool reports as being there.

Here’s what’s been tried so far.

Made a backup of the database, then did a rebuild of the database. Problem got worse. The file integrity count changed but still had more than there were in all locations. And there were a bunch of duplicated files in both the top level of the database and within groups that got added. The total numbers of files went up in all areas (file integrity report, within groups and in root)

Rolled back to the backup and cleared out all the files from the root level. These were ALL files that I had already converted and deleted, or so I thought. Tried the backup, rebuild again. This time I got all the same duplicates back but at least the files I had deleted were still gone. Deleted the duplicated files and have been working with that database moving everything out of DEVONThink, deleting the files in DT, then after a time machine backup, emptying the trash.I am continuing this process and as soon as I’ve moved and converted everything I will delete the database. This is a database of all imported files, nothing is indexed in this particular database.

Unfortunately the screenshot shows only a fraction of the sidebar and the log, therefore it’s unclear what exactly is shown. A screenshot of the database properties would of course be useful too.

Please see your support ticket to continue this discussion. Thanks!

That’s for security reasons, I didn’t want to post the details of the DB in question

A screenshot of just the statistics of File > Database Properties would be useful then.

Sent to the support ticket already