Yojimbo to DT Pro

Is there a quick way for me to import everything I have in Yojimbo into my DT Pro? Any scripts?


Funny, just today, I was thinking about using these two apps together. Yojimbo for it’s syncing and tagging ability DTP for archiving, searching research etc.

One problem I’ve found is that Yojimbo tags don’t export to the Finder or to DTP.

You could export from Yojimbo to a folder that has a folder action to import to DTP or you could drag and drop from Yojimbo to DTP’s dock icon.

Actually, here’s a Yojimbo script to export file tags to space delimited spotlight comments:

anoved.net/2007/08/yojimbo-expor … -tags.html

After export, the files can be imported to DTP, either manually or automatically via a folder action.


I did an export from Yojimbo and imported it into a group in DTP which worked. However, most of what I imported was web archives and some of them crash DTP every time I try to open them. This is not good.

I’m with you. I’d love to see some tagging support in DTP.

gnewman, are you running Safari 3 beta? That could be the reason for crashes.

Yes, safari 3 beta is installed on my MBP. Should I remove it?

Maybe a stupid question, but I’m a noob wtih DTP. Where would the comments imported from Yojimbo be?

The yojimbo tags will be exported as spotlight comments. In DTP, they are viewable as comments.

If you enable the comments column in the DTP browser window view, you’ll see them as space delimited words. (View -> Columns -> Comments)

Ok, thanks. I saw that column and since it was blank thought that there was something missing. Then it’s not me. I ran the script to do the export that you linked to and there are no comments. I went to the export folder from yojimbo and looked at the file info and they are not there either.

The build of WebKit installed by the beta of Safari 3 seems less stable than the current ‘official’ version installed by Safari 2.0.4. There’s an uninstaller with the download of the beta. You may see fewer problems after returning to Safari 2.0.4. The next release of DT Pro/Office may be less sensitive to the new WebKit instability. Note, however, that if there are errors in your existing WebArchive files they will likely continue to cause problems.

In DT Preferences > Import - General make sure that the option to import Finder comments is checked. You will then be able to view Finder comments in the Comment field of the Info panel of a document.

Quit Yojimbo and relaunch. I had the same problem before I relaunched the app.

Any luck?

That worked, thanks!

Setting that option along with milhouse’s advice took care of the import issue.
I also rolled back to safari v.2 and the crash issues went away.

Thanks guys!