Yosemite-style folders?

Hi. I own Devonthink Pro. I have six databases. I created a new one this evening. I’m also running Yosemite. The new database, plus one other database, display its folders in the style of Yosemite — the folders are flat and blue. The other four databases show its folders in the style of pre-Yosemite. Is there a way to update the display of those four databases so they also use Yosemite’s rendering of folders?

It sounds like you may have custom folder icons attached to these folders, which will override the default icons. Select a folder, show its info with command-shift-i, click on the folder’s icon in the info panel, and command-x to cut (delete) the custom icon.

Greg, I followed your instructions, but deleting the folder icon from the info panel didn’t change anything.

Here, I see no differences in the appearance of groups in my databases (DEVONthink Pro Office 2.8.1, OS X 10.10) and the appearance of folders in the Finder. Both are blue, with a little tab in the upper left.

All these databases were created prior to the installation of Yosemite.

However, if in File > Database Properties I select a database and uncheck the option to exclude groups from tagging, the shape of the group icons doesn’t change, but they are colored yellow.

Can you post a screen shot of what your folders look like? If so, switching to the icon view for the capture will give us the best look. Here is what my DEVONthink icons look like on Yosemite, including some of the special/smart group folder icons.

Bill, thanks. Apparently the difference had to do with the Database setting you mentioned. When I checked “Exclude Groups from Tagging,” that changed my database’s folders so they were blue (and in the style of Yosemite) and not yellow (which had a larger a drop shadow like pre-Yosemite folders).

Thanks again!