You can copy/paste code now from the posts

The good people at DEVONtechnologies turned on a feature in Discourse that allows us to copy code posted here to the clipboard.
Take care of the little icons appearing in the upper right corner of a listing as soon as you mouse over it (the listing, that is).

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-12 um 17.53.42


Thanks - that’s very useful. I know not many use Script Debugger, but over at forum.latenightsoftw there’s also a nice ‘Open in Script Debugger’ button. That might be confusing for those who don’t use SD - but maybe we can make a script to show such a button for those who use it :smiley:

That’s useful only for AppleScript. They have something similar at MacScripter, iirc. Quite irritating if the code is not AS.
And copy/paste is more genuine – I like to work in CodeRunner or BBEdit, for example.