You Need Better Tutorials - Hire Screencasts Online

I first got Devonthink in a bundle about 4 years ago - didn’t know how I’d use it. Never used it. Now it’s in another bundle and I’m still curious as I’ve always read good things. I have a Fujitsu Snapscan, use Omnifocus and am currently not massively impressed with Paperless. I am your target audience. But for the life of me, I can still barely figure out what i’d use your program for or how it would enhance my producivity and my life.

Your intro tutorial is really not helpful. And a Youtube search turned up no better ones. I think you guys should make a deal with Don McCallaster of Screencasts Online and get him to do a 2 parter on Devonthink. No one breaks down software better.

As it is I just might pass on the bundle… or if I get it, odds are DT will sit on my hard drive gathering digital dust.


Thanks for the feedback! We’re actually working on new tutorials right now.