Your competitive edge on iOS?

Dear all,

I’m happy that DTTG updates are coming out more regularly now. I appreciate your products very much, so I would like to share some thoughts with you and your community.

Is Jon your only iOS developer? He might have a lot to do … Did you make a poll among your customers, who would like to use DTTG (at all, more frequently) if certain functions were available? The same for any other iOS ports of your products, e.g. DevonAgent.

DevonAgent is another of your key products. I don’t turn back to my desktop to use DevonAgent, when having my workflow on my iPad with DTTG and my other iOS apps.

The AI search in DT seems to be one of your, if not the, core technology, your competitive edge. You seem to have reasons like limited performance of iOS devices to not include this in DTTG. The question for me, as a user, is not why it doesn’t work, but what solution you can offer to make it work. It’s essential. DTTG without your AI search, tags, see also, auto sort, manual sort, grouping etc. is just another file browser/database with an improvable sync process.

Like ten years ago with OS X software, first movers establish their competitive edge for iOS software now. Before OS X, there was no such handy software like OmniOutliner or DevonThink, to name just two examples. There is a similar window of opportunity for new products to enter the market now – will you carry your success story onto the new patform, before new ones come?

We definitely have plans to establish our position on iOS, too. The AI technology, which is the core of all our Mac apps, is, unfortunately, far to advanced for limited devices such as iPhones and iPads. The amount of available RAM and other components make it, at the moment, hard to port our key technology to iOS. But we are working hard to extend our product line on iOS as good as the platform permits.