Your order for DEVONtechnologies cart is in process?

in process how long?

24h later…

I bought it, but I haven’t received it yet

You might want to contact either Heike or Paddle; users here in the forum are unlikely to be able to help. I believe Heike @hvolkmann deals with these issues at DT‘s end.

As this is the second post of this kind within minutes, perhaps there is a problem with the fulfilment system.

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Would you mind opening a support ticket with the order number or payment confirmation you would have received from Paddle? Thank you.

I send!

Paddle !They didn’t give the answer I wanted

Sure, that’s why I mentioned Heike, who is at DT and not at Paddle. But Eric‘s (@eboehnisch) name is very similar to Heike‘s, and he‘ll help you :slight_smile:

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