YouTube Media start automatically

Hi, after dragging an URL with a YouTube video into DT the video starts automatically on DT although I set “play media automatically” in the settings to not.
How can I stop YouTube videos to start automatically after dragging the URL into DT?

The setting is only used for audio/video files added to the database. In case of bookmarks it’s completely controlled by the website.

Thanks. No way, Christian?

You could try to log into YouTube inside DEVONthink and check its preferences, maybe this will help.

Unfortunately it doesn’t. It must be set in your browser. Which browser machine do you use for DT. Maybe there could be something implemented in DT to stop automatic playing of YouTube videos.

The WebKit framework doesn’t include such preferences unfortunately.

OK. Thanks.

Hi @cgrunenberg - any chance all the recent updates to macOS have exposed tools or options that could help squash auto-play of audio/video files on sites as described in this older message thread?
(btw…Sorry to resurrect this thread but it is precisely on point for my concern and maybe :crossed_fingers: you have an update you could share? :grin:)
Thanks - Adam

There is a Safari extension (I couldn’t imagine not having) called StopTheMadness.
It has a feature of blocking video autoplay even on sites that have an exemption in Safari, like YouTube.

This doesn’t solve the problem, but it would be great if DT had an option to integrate such an extension/feature.

Safari extensions aren’t compatible to the WebKit framework unfortunately.