Zero bytes file after moving


Im still new to DEVONThink 3 and now I got an issue that concers me.

Database A: Indexed folders from SMB network location.
Database B: Indexed folders from local mounted drive(via macFUSE)
SMB network and mounted drive can be access/modify without issue by Finder.

File C now in database A(db A) - I can see it in DT3, view, reval in finder - all good.

Now I’d like to move file C from db A to db B.
To do that, I drag/move the file C in DT3 from db A to db B.
I expect to see the file C in both db B from DT3 and the actual folder that represents B from the disk.

However, the new file appears in the destinated folder/disk only has zero byte but I still can see it in db B from DT3 without issue.
Reval it in finder will nav to the folder that represents B.
The uncorrupted file C still in origional location from the folder of db A.
I hope my desctiption above make sense.

The log window only shows a failed but no cause.

Move file from a db to another is a basic operation for my workflow…
I have to figure out the reason it failed.

If I didn’t check the folder in db B, I probably will remove the file C after update the index of db A.
If I empty the trash, the uncorrupted file C in db A will be gone and I only has a corrupted file left in db B.

Any suggestions is appreciated!


What kind of drive actually?

Cryptomator volume

Format is MacOS Extended (journaled)

Not sure how reliable MacFUSE is but DEVONthink basically just tells the operating system to copy or move the file. Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks!

Hey cgrunenberg,

After I clicked report bug, mail app being opened but nothing pops up.


Which version of macOS do you use? Is the main window of Mail in full screen mode? Then the new email might be hidden behind this window.

MacOS 12.4
No the mail not in full screen mode. I have checked the draft and all floating windows.

Is DEVONthink 3 allowed to automate Mail, see system preferences?

Im not sure and I haven’t find related settings.
Can you tell me where to check ?


Go to System Preferences, click on the Privacy tab and in the left panel scroll down to Automation. In the right panel check that DEVONthink has a check mark against



Email sent.

Hey there,

I have tested with another file and confirm this is a bug.
I have resend the bug report from the steps above.
Ticket #718348 has been created.

Please let me know if anything else is needed.


Find a temporary wordaround

  1. move the file from indexed folder to a non-indexed folder database(temp storage)
  2. move the file from the non-indexed folder database to the indexed databsed(destination)

To me or the default address?

To the default email with Ticket #718348

I will resend to your email once next time I got time to recreate the issue.


Hi Cgrunenberg,

I managed to forward the origional bug report to your email.