Zettelkasten and Global Aliases

Hi All,

A quick feature request (or welcomed education) on Aliases. I’m working through @Kourosh 's book and finally playing around with aliases to see how I can further enhance my Zettelkasten.

I have observed that aliases work within a single database, however, if I have a database solely for my resources (pdfs etc), and keep a separate one for my Zettelkasten notes, the aliases don’t seem to work.

Am I correct in thinking aliases only work per database? If so, I’d be grateful for the development team to consider implementing aliases globally, across all databases in the spirit of inter-connectivity.

Appreciate any further clarification on aliases and how they work. Thank you in advance :grinning:

I first started out with a separate database for my references, wondering about the same thing. I’ve since moved my references into their own group in the same database as my notes. I’ve been happy with that arrangement, though it does make for a different set of suggestions in the See Also sections.

The request is noted but no aliases do not work across databases.

@Kourosh, @BLUEFROG, thank you both for your input and further clarification. :+1: