Zettelkasten on DTTG

I’ve only recently come across the concept and stumbled on this useful page:

which discusses how to implement it with the features of the desktop app.

As someone that currently ONLY uses DTTG I’m curious to know if people have successfully adapted some of these concepts using just the features supported by DTTG and if so how.

I’m currently experimenting with various shortcuts simplify creating, naming and linking notes, but I could be re-inventing the wheel.

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I embrace the concept of “not putting notes into folders/notebooks”
I add notes as single entities, with no concern as to structure
My organization method is to assign tags and link notes

I started with the Evernote service, then exported my notes to DTP
As part of backups, I export notes using the file/folder feature
Tags are maintained
Links are maintained via text search of note-id (requires storing the note-id*)

*Storing the note-id
In Evernote, I stored the note-id by appending to the note contents
In DTP, I store tne note-id in the file comments

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