Zip file support

Often I edit files in batches in my apps before pushing them to DEVONthink. Unfortualy you can only import a file at a time which is why a lot of of the applications I use ZIP them into a compressed file before sharing. Unfortually I can not unzip the files in DEVONthink to go.

I would love to see support for Zip archive decompression for files and compression for sharing a bunch of files to another app. This would greatly improve my workflow with DEVONthink to go.

Thanks for the suggestion. We may consider it for future enhancements. Cheers!

It does, but there is the issue of moving around multiple files. A WebDAV server like working copy iOS git app would also work for my needs. It is just too cumbersome at the moment to move a lot of files around to my favorite editor and back.

I don’t think there are technical reasons; so, what is the real reason about this lack ?
A zip/unzip file support in devonthink is a big issue.
In these last days, on Ipad for at least twice I was about to delete all devon app because I lost a lot of time to unzip a file outside Devonthink to go.

What is your Roadmap about this.


Claudio Ferroni

As I stated, there are technical reasons.

The request is noted but I cannot say if and when we will implement this, nor can I offer any timeframes if we did. We have a great many things to work on. Thanks for your input.

An update on this, I use the Files app and … 35452?mt=8 (Zipped) app to unzip files. This is no longer a problem for me.

One main UI/UX question here would be: When a user adds a Zip file, should it be unzipped by default? What if the user doesn’t want the Zip file to be resolved but store the file for archiving?

And no, adding a setting for this doesn’t really seem feasible as we don’t want to build an Airbus dashboard lookalike settings screen :wink:

Well, If you were to add built in unzipping into DEVONthink, it should not be unzipped by default. If anything it should preview all of the files and be able to unzip selected or all.

That could be an option. Noted.