zoom for Word documents?

DTP2 now imports and scans Word files wholesale and without alteration-- for which improvement I’ve previously registered grateful thanks in these forums.

I find, though, that there appears to be no zoom available for Word files – at least not in any of the regular views, and not in Full Screen mode, either.

And yet, should a Word file be returned in a Search, in that particular case it is zoomable in the view panel of the Search Window. This strikes me as anomalous: if in one, why not in the other?

In any event, what’s really most important to me would be to have zoom available for Word files in all the usual and expected places. Is that likely to happen anytime soon? :slight_smile:

As long as no occurrences have to be highlighted, DEVONthink is using QuickLook to display the document (not zoomable), otherwise Mac OS X’s text engine (zoomable). But you can toggle the display on your own using the navigation bar.

Thanks, Christian. I’d seen that new button, tried it, and then forgotten all about it. It certainly answers my concern. :smiley: