Zoom in 1.9.1

Thanks for changing the zoom feature to fit in a window. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Or at least, it worked for the first two windows I opened, but on the third and subsequent, it went back to its previous behavior. Those first two windows stayed properly zoomed, however. None of the rest did, ever.

What kind of document did you zoom and what exactly does not work?

If I understand how zoom is working now, by default the right margin in a RTF doc now is set to the width of the window as the window is resized. If I specifically set the right margin to a different value, it will stay at that value and will no longer be changed as the window is resized. If I then set the right margin back to the width of the current window, it will return to the previous behavior of changing as the window is resized.

This is a really nice idea. The only issue I’ve found with the implementation so far is that the horizontal scroll bar doesn’t appear as it should when the right margin is set to a fixed value and the window is resized to be smaller than this.

I would say this is probably the same issue I have found. If the right margin has been set to a specific width different from the default, it stays that width, no matter what the zoom setting is.

Again, this is not the behavior I would expect from a “zoom to window” feature–it shouldn’t make any difference what the margin is set to.