Zoom in the Full Screen mode

Hi everyone,
i’m just new with DevonThink Pro Pack, and i’m a bit surprised that you can’t zoom in the full mode view without affecting the zoom factor of your documents view…

Is it possible to have this fonction?


From past comments, most users prefer the way DT Pro operates with View > Actual size and View > Zoom (in or out) choices. Zoom is consistent, whether you are using document or full screen view.

I rarely use full screen view, as I’m not distracted by the ‘other stuff around’ in the document view. That’s just me. Many people do prefer full screen while writing.

But if I’m using a 10 or 12 font, my aging eyes often have trouble making out text at actual size. One or two zoom steps makes for more comfortable reading and editing.

View > Zoom doesn’t really change the font size in your document. It merely changes the perceived size on your display. You can confirm that by dragging selected text into a Pages document window at various zooms. Pages always displays the same (actual) font size, no matter what the DT Pro View > Zoom setting.