Zoom key commands for PDFs

Reading PDFs inside DTPO I find I often have to zoom in/out due to my weary eyes. Looking at the key commands in the View menu zoom in is ctl cmd+ and zoom out is ctl cmd - however although choosing them as menu items works, the key commands don’t. For some reason I have to use shft cmd + to zoom in, but ctl cmd - to zoom out. I don’t see anything in System Prefs > Keyboard that would conflict.

Do these key commands work for most?


The actual shortcut might depend on the keyboard layout. Do you use e.g. a U.S. keyboard?

Over here the commands on a U.S. localization are actually

And so, because “+” is a shifted character one would have to do shift-control-command-+ (⇧^⌘+ )to achieve the results for control-commnd-+ (^⌘+)

Note that the ^ character is “control” not shift. Shift is ⇧