Zoom to Width setting - does not stick

When viewing a PDF document, I can use either “Zoom to Width” or “Zoom to Fit” or “Actual Size”. If using “Zoom to Fit” or “Actual Size”, the setting is maintained when viewing the next and all subsequent PDFs, until I change it to a different view method.

However, “Zoom to Width” does not behave this way. When viewing a PDF with “Zoom to Width” chosen, the next PDF viewed will automatically switch to “Zoom to Fit”. In other words, I cannot keep the setting at “Zoom to Width” because every time I switch to another PDF, the view changes to “Zoom to Fit”. Even when I go back to the originally selected PDF, the view changes to “Zoom to Fit”.

It has not always been this way, but I am not sure when this bug appeared. I am using DEVONthink Pro Office v.2.8.2 with Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks.

I seem to recall this bug also occurring in a prior version of DTP, and it being cured in a subsequent update, so I am not happy that it has come back. Is there a fix in the works?


The Zoom to Width setting sticks here for my PDFs in DEVONthink Pro Office 2.8.2 under OS X 10.10.1.

You might check and experiment with any other settings in View > PDF Display.


Good suggestion, but this only revealed more, similar problems. “PDF Display/Two Pages” does not stick, and defaults back to “Single Page.” Also, “Continuous Scroll” does not stick, defaulting back to “Page Breaks.”

These must be related problems. No matter what, the View setting always reverts to “Zoom to Fit”, “Single Page”, with “Page Breaks”.

Any ideas? Could it be occurring only with OS X Mavericks? Or might there be a PDF Plug-in somewhere that is affecting things?

There are now default preferences for image & PDF zoom, see Preferences > Media

Thank you.

I was aware of these new preference settings for PDF Display, but since the only choices are “Single Page” or “Single Page Continuous”, I did not realize that they also controlled the “zoom” settings. I would recommend clearer descriptions in the PDF Display preferences, perhaps worded as: “Single Page, Zoomed to Fit” and “Single Page Continuous, Zoomed to Width”.

Unfortunately, it seems that now, “Continuous Scroll” is tied to “Zoom to Width” and “Single Page” is tied to “Zoom to Fit”. It is no longer possible to have a default setting of “Zoom to Width” with “Single Page”, or “Zoom to Fit” with “Continuous Scroll”. Perhaps you might consider restoring the other two default view setting preferences in the future? Four choices would be better than two.