zooming image in split views

I think I’ve found a bug relating to viewing and zooming images in split views.

I select a photo, and zoom out to fit the photo in the space. Then I switch to another photo - but this one is zoomed out exponentially in relation to the previous one! This happens with every photo I select until very rapidly I can’t even see them any more, like Alice in Wonderland shrinking with every bite of the mushroom. (And vice versa, the image zooms in like Alice sipping the potion…) It seems to be an infinite regress.

It’s as though DT were interpreting my switching to another image as zooming. I wonder if this has to do with some other (minor) display quirks that happen when I view some text documents, since it only happens in the split views (not of course in column or list, nor when a browser is open with the single image displaying.)