Zotero and Firefox and Devonthink

I solved my initial zotero/DT problem like this:
Went through my entire zotero library, clicking on each link. Then I clicked the bookmarklet that made a web archive in DT.
In future I will, simply, for each webpage I want, click the webarchive bookmarklet and the zotero key.
Drawback: leaves the nicely formatted bibliographic information outside of DT.
Now, the major problem with just grabbing the zotero files is that a) they are the raw html files and b) the folders have mystery numbers, which are indexed in the sqlite database. So, we need a script, which I don’t know how to write, to do this:
get someone in the DT community to write a script to parse Zotero RDF and convert the exported folders of HTML files to .webarchive using the Apple API.