Zotero RDF import

Zotero is just a wonderful web research app. I’ve being using it since a couple of months, and I decided to keep my web research references into Zotero. I keep a pdf copy of all pages I capture into DTP, but the metadata is kept by Zotero because it just works.

I would like to know if it could be possible (as a feature or as a script) to include an importer of Zotero RDF exported files.

Thank you.

It should be possible, both via AppleScript (e.g. the XML support of System Events) and via a plugin. Just send an example to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com and I’ll have a look at it as soon as some time will be left (whenever that will be :wink:)

As a Zotero user myself I would just like to support radii0’s request for an RDF importer in DT. Any which way would be fine by me. Have to think some more about how to bring the goodness of both apps to interact more closely in my workflow for research and writing.

I’m also in favor of better integration between Zotero and DTP. Zotero is quickly becoming a “must have” web app for those who do research. Zotero exports in a variety of formats, but as the above poster said, anything that works will be fine with me. The bottom line is developing some way to easily connect my Zotero info to my DTP database.


I’ve sent you an example of a very small Zotero library to import, for you to evaluate it.

I would suggest the following procedure :

  1. For each Zotero item into the RDF file, create a new HTML file into DEVONthink. Each file could work as a “record” into the DEVONthink database, with the “basic” bibliographic information and attached notes (attached notes are embedded into the RDF file). Copy the tags of Zotero to DTP tags (possible?)
  2. Take “http” links attachments (one by one) and import them into DEVONthink as Web Archives (the links are also included in the RDF). The files of snapshots are external, but they could be ignored.
  3. Import PDF’s attachments.
  4. Write a link into the original HTML to every DEVONthink records already created (pdf’s and webarchives).

Any opinions from Zotero users?

Thank you.

thanks for the file, I will have a look at it (although probably not this year anymore).


Thanks for your work and effort.

I will try to do something by miself. I’ve been learning XML/RDF and System Events.

I’ve also looked at the Zotero API, which I think is very good and interestig. Basically, if you are a programmer, Zotero is almost completely open, you can access everything via the API and the access to the SQL databases. All that can be done via JavaScript.

It would VERY appreciated, if someone could create a Zotero extension that “syncs” Zotero and DEVONthink. There is already an Extension that integrates BibDesk with Zotero, each time you create a Zotero item, the extension creates a Bibdesk entry.

Thank you.