2 items left to be uploaded...but which ones? And why?

I’ve made many operations with files, groups, importing and indexing.
Now it’s 2-3 days a message keeps appearing: 2 items left to be uploaded.
It appears every few minutes, I suppose whenever DT sync to iCloud.
How do I stop this message from appearing?

I can’t detect the files left to be uploaded.

Thank you!

There’s a condition you can use for a smart group. AFAIK. Searching for the issue here should provide pointers.

I have some Smart Groups there, maybe some files are missing because I’ve deleted them?
I don’t know…
How do I detect the files that still have to be uploaded?

Isn’t there an iCloud option to let it decide what to fetch from the cloud on sync? That’s “sync” as in iCloud sync, not DT sync.

Search for item:pending.


Maybe it has been fixed, don’t know how.

I deleted the cache and verified the database.
Then I synced the database again and no messages appeared.

Fun fact: it wasn’t the first time I did it, but now it worked…

If I search for item:pending I get nothing.

No, still getting the message.

I’ve modified a Markdown file I have in an indexed folder (an Obsidian vault), and now I get the same message.
If I sync it again I don’t get any message anymore.

The same with any MD file I modify in the database, even the imported ones.

So I suppose it’s a standard sync message, is it?
Maybe it always appeared because the option to automatically show the log window was activated?

It isn’t. Did you check whether the database is fine (File > Verify & Repair Database…) to ensure that there are no missing (indexed) files?

Ok did it.

It said 5 missing and 1 orphaned files.
I’ve repaired the database, I modified a MD file in the indexed group, and DT said there were 3 files left to upload.
So I’ve verified the database again, and it said 5 missing and 0 orphaned files.
I’ve repaired it again.

But the message keeps appearing.

Now in the log I see that it failed to repair the database, and that there are 5 issues left

Missing files can’t be automatically repaired, via the contextual menu of the Log it’s possible to reveal or to trash them.

Alas all the options are greyed out, so I can’t select any of them, and searching for item:pending gives no results.

Post a screen capture of what you’re seeing.

Don’t mind the last two logs: I was not under WiFi, so they are ok.

BTW: I have only 1 database “Professional” blog with the Inbox.

Hold the Option key, and choose Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket.

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Sent. Thank you for your support.

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