64-Bit Version coming soon?

Every time I start Devonthink I get the hint, that on OS 10.15 32 Bit Apps will not run anymore. Can I expect a new version right in time? Maybe I lost former Topics about this issue…

I think the answer is in 32-bit parts of DTP remain…

The warning is because of the OCR engine used in DTPO, and the promise is that it’ll be upgraded before the next version of macOS is released (that’s when things will stop working).

(that’s when things will stop working)

Supposedly. Apple’s been threatening this for years now. We’ll see…

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I really don’t see a real benefit having pure 64 bit applications if the reason to make them 64 bits is not memory usage…

They use about 40% more of disk and memory space when doing the same thing, and under 64 bits environment, 32 bits apps use to run faster than same app in 64 bits. And at least in Windows, SysWow64 offers pure 4GB data/code address space to 32 bits applications, improving more the performance and removing a lot of memory limitations.

Its only about the possibility that Apple makes DT not to run on OS 10.15. I’m really not afraid of performance issues.

That is a bit of a strange thought from someone who’ll have a product stop working if they ARE serious about it? I’d expect a developer to take that a bit more seriously? I would have to completely rethink my workflow, which would mean going elsewhere if it is left up to the last second.

What is a strange thought?

That we’ll see what happens? I hope DT thinks of this beforehand and fixes it before it happens?

Did you see what funkydan2 posted above?

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Visual Studio from Microsoft is still a 32 bit version. When I worked at Embarcadero, and now in my last work, I have serious problems with memory usage. Even in a SysWow64 environment, when it reach about 2.5 GB or RAM usage it starts to behave weird and do strange things… and Microsoft has said they aren’t going to make it 64 bits…

Pure 64 bit code is faster than 32 bit on a modern system, if for no other reason than you have more registers and hence less need to hit the memory bus and slow down. Also, once you make a 64 bit CPU a requirement, you can use a bunch of CPU extensions which are not available on older CPUs.

The Mac uses memory compression as well as paging inactive code out, so the slight increase in code size is not significant.