Actual link to files imported to DT?

I have a problem with imported files that other programmes need to open or reach directly. Is there a way to find the actual link to the file? Or another smart way to solve my issue?

Thanks in advance!

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Please clarify what you’re trying to do and with what application. Thanks.

@BLUEFROG, thanks for your quick response! Here are some examples:

  1. To import data from an excel-file into R, in my case using RStudio, I need to provide the correct path to the file. The DT link does not work.

  2. When inserting an image file into Microsoft Word, I cannot find the file if imported to DT to insert.


I am really interested in trying to find a way around this, as I am currently “forced” to have certain files stored outside of DT.

What about right-clicking the file, selecting "Show in Finder’ then using Applescript to create a link to the file?

Isn’t it the responsibility of R and Word to accept these DEVONthink links?

Best i think is to keep the files in the MacOS file system external to DEVONthink and then index them in.

I’m not sure 100% what you’re trying to do but you could as @woteva65 suggests right click to show in finder, then make sure you have view>show path bar or cmd-opt-P selected in the finder, then down on the bottom bar you can right click “copy file as pathname”. May be this would help?


Thanks @Grantst !

That’s exactly what I needed! I had tried “show in finder”, as @woteva65 also suggests, but I didn’t know how to copy the pathname.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Do note: If you have to do a database rebuild, the file path could change.

Thanks for the heads up! No problem though.