Add a new group while sorting documents

After adding new documents to DT, I often use DTTG to sort these files. I do this by moving them to the correct groups. Sometimes the correct group has to be created, so I have to go back and create the group. Afterwards I start again to move the files. Could you add a button to create a new group directly while moving the file?


Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll consider this for upcoming releases.


Thank you!


This feature was the first and foremost thing I noticed to be missing while evaluating the use of the mobile companion app. I’d really like to be able to scan a pile of documents at home and then sort them while I’m on my commute to and from work. Looking forward to this addition - much more than any smart group feature :wink:

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The request and vote is noted. Cheers!

There’s a lot of friction in sorting items on DTTG for me, being able to create a new group in the Move menu would solve so much of it.

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Thanks for offering your opinion on this.

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do you know some new about this suggestion? I sort my documents often while traveling. It would be amazing if one could create a new group while strolling through an complex group tree. Otherwise - as now - I have to navigate trough my groups recognizing that there is no exact group, so I have to go all the way back, create a new group and do overthink again from the beginning.

Best Fabian

“You have to go all the way back” where?

If you’re in a group in DEVONthink To Go and find you don’t have a desired group, you can create one in the current location.

You could always do a search on the database first with a kind: search prefix, e.g.,…

Beyond that, sorry but no there is still no option for creating a new group when filing items.


thanks for your message. You answered my question with your last sentence, that there isn’t any further option to create groups while filling. Do you know why? I thinks it’s in general a pretty normal workflow to create a group while sorting the inboxes.

Best Fabian

When processing records in my Inbox, I often need to create a group for connected records
edit It’s easier with Devonthink on a Mac
I added an icon to the toolbar
Just select the records, click the icon, the group is created containing the records
I then proceed with filing the group

Works with DEVONthink macOS, but not with DEVONthink to Go.

It is do-able with DTTG (create group > file the group)
but not as easy
I prefer to do such functions (filing) on the Mac

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You’re welcome!

iOS is a different environment and experience than macOS. Some things aren’t as easy to implement, especially from a design standpoint since it has to accommodate smaller form factor devices too.

I’m not saying it won’t ever happen - it’s on our long list - but we don’t have a good solution at this time.

One example of how a similar product does this. Their ‘Move to Folder’ command brings up this menu.

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Understood, but the OP is looking for an easy solution on iOS.

This shows the menu when sorting a file and would be the perfect place for a “add a new group” button.

Without this button, one starts to sort and after searching for the right group and recognising there isn’t any, you have to open the same place, add a group and start all over.

Looks like others have the same thoughts :sweat_smile:


At this juncture no point piling on …

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Hi Greg, this is exactly the way I am looking for. Unfortunately it’s another software … this shouldn’t be so complicated for implementation!