Add a new group while sorting documents

After adding new documents to DT, I often use DTTG to sort these files. I do this by moving them to the correct groups. Sometimes the correct group has to be created, so I have to go back and create the group. Afterwards I start again to move the files. Could you add a button to create a new group directly while moving the file?


Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll consider this for upcoming releases.


Thank you!


This feature was the first and foremost thing I noticed to be missing while evaluating the use of the mobile companion app. I’d really like to be able to scan a pile of documents at home and then sort them while I’m on my commute to and from work. Looking forward to this addition - much more than any smart group feature :wink:

Welcome @VeryDisco

The request and vote is noted. Cheers!

There’s a lot of friction in sorting items on DTTG for me, being able to create a new group in the Move menu would solve so much of it.

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Thanks for offering your opinion on this.

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