Add Notes via x-devonthink URL scheme?

Is there a way to add notes to DEVONthink To Go via a x-devonthink-item url call? This would allow me to use to send notes to DEVONthink To Go.

If this is not possible now, it would be nice if it could be added to a later release of DEVONthink To Go.


Great idea to use URL scheme to send material from Drafts or from Mr. Reader. I noticed the Safari bookmarklets for DEVONthink (some of which work with Mobile Safari and DTTG) use x-devonthink:// URL scheme. Maybe using URL scheme from one of those will work.

These work in Mr. Reader. Presumably similar from other apps.




Sunnerg, thank you very much for your help. I was able to set up a Drafts URL Action using this url. As I found out, the &location=’’ part is necessary for the action to work.


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Thanks to the two of you! This is great.

@sven-luekkemeier & @sumnerg, pure geekery at its best – I love it 8) Thank you!!

Thanks for sharing the URL scheme for Drafts to create a Plain Text note.

Is it possible to add an RTF note to DEVONthink To Go from Drafts? Complete with the formatting that we can create within Drafts?


AFAIK, not directly – via an URL action. It’s possible, of course, to do send from Drafts to another app such as Writing Kit, or Nebulous Notes, or Notebooks (just to name a few) and render a PDF or HTML document which you then Open In DTTG.

Nice action for drafts. I need the following actions, if possible :smiley:
a) Search from drafts
b) append fron drafts
c) go back to drafts after adding the note via the URL Scheme.
here’s an example of Due app URL Scheme

I have installed the custom action in Drafts but whilst the action fires ok I get nothing in DTTG? What am I missing? Thanks.

Could it be, that the note you have sent to DEVONthink To Go has no line break?

This action requires a title and a body of text: title > line break > text body. Without a line break I also get no note created in DEVONthink To Go.

(With the Drafts action for Byword for example this note would create a document named “untitled” with the text in the body. With the action for WriteRoom this text would become the title, the body would be empty.)

This doesn’t bother me much as I typically send quick notes to WriteRoom (or OmniFocus) and not to DEVONthink To Go and also typically my notes have a title, but I surely would like to have another behaviour with this action.

Genius. Thanks that’s exactly what it was. Learning curve entered!

This tweaked version allows sending one-line notes from Drafts too DTTG:


Here is a direct link for adding the action to Drafts:



Wonderful, not only for one-liners. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I appreciate for text manipulation on iPhone and iPad, but I’d love to be able to open a DTTG text document in (I can do this with Open-In), manipulate it in Drafts (already possible), and then save it again to DTTG to the original document in DTTG, not a new document that dumps into the Global Inbox. This last step makes the workflow work. Without it, I have a version control headache with multiple versions of so many files.

Does anyone know how to create this functionality in

I’ve asked folks over there via a feature request, but I have a feeling that this save-to functionality is just not there. Does anyone here have any bright ideas?

I could also use this save-to-existing-document functionality for Dropbox as well, though DTTG save-to-existing-document would be infinitely more useful for me. Thanks!

Hi Korm, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the Open In then Open In is not working for me, I end up with the old and the new doc in DTTG, the new one named [year]-[month]-[day}…

Is a dropbox editor like iA Writer doing something different behind the scenes? Because iA Writer can open, modify and save Dropbox files to the original file… I just wish I could get Drafts to do it, it’s definitely the best app for text input on iOS that I’ve found so far.

Hello all,

URL schemes, using Drafts/Editorial etc. on iOS, is something I’ve been keeping a vague eye on, without really dipping into, as of yet… I’ve made a point of bookmarking some of the excellent guides by the likes of Viticci et al, for safe-keeping until the day comes when I could explore it in more detail.

With this being said – could someone please answer one simple question?

Would the above allow for a note to created in Drafts on an iPhone/iPad, and have it ‘exported into’ the DTP environs through DTTG or something similar?

What is the chain of apps involved? Drafts (iOS) >> ?? >> ?? >> DTP (OSX)?

If someone could quickly provide a very short answer to the above, this will allow me to better understand how useful/necessary/awesome the scheme could prove to be, which will guide me to what extent I need to start investigating things further…

Many thanks! :wink:

Thera are, currently, two ways you can add notes;

  1. Write a note in Drafts and the use ”Open in…” and point at DTTG. That will send the note to DTTH and appear in the Global inbox
  2. Use the ”Send to DEVONthink ” action (from the page

After transfer, simply use the Synchronize tool to transfer to DTPO

Many thanks!

This (now) definitely ranks as something I need to properly explore.

Jeremy, the iOS ‘Open In’ feature is really an export function, which (along with sending a document to DEVONthink To Go with the x-devonthink URL scheme) is different from opening a document in Dropbox. You can open a text file from Dropbox with iA Writer, make changes and then open the same document from Dropbox with another text editor e.g.: Byword, make changes, then open the document again in iA Writer and you’ll see all the edits. However, if you use the ‘Open In’ function to send the document from one text editor to another, the receiving app will be working with an imported version of the document-not the original, saved document on Dropbox. HTH