Add Notes via x-devonthink URL scheme?

Yes exactly, and thus the need for more than “Open In” functionality with respect to DTTG data. iA Writer is a decent solution for Dropbox text file editing, but still no go for DTTG. It looks like iOS 8 will provide the foundation for this kind of Open-In-Save-To functionality, and I hope DTTG will support it as well as the best text manipulation apps for iOS, esp.

Until then, I will create markup in Drafts, export to DTTG, manipulate with DTTG’s text editor or deal with multiple versions, as I have been doing for some time. It’s just clunky and not up to DEVONtechnology’s mark. Indeed the built-in text editor in DTTG is really quite poor, sometimes placing the cursor on a given blank line is impossible, for instance. The app just doesn’t do text manipulation well. But, change is a’comin’ with iOS 8. Looking to September… -JM

Reviving a dormant topic here.

I see that you can pass “location” via the callback. Is it possible to pass anything else? Tags? Is it possible to set the format markdown, for example? (I read that you can’t do RTF, but markdown is plain text, I’m hoping that it is a different case). Is there a list of all of the options that we can put into a callback URI anywhere?

Hi All
I have seen the previous comments on URL scheme. And I still see a strong need for a extended URL scheme, e.g. to use with Drafts-App or others to ‘push’ texts, notes, markdown into DTTG.

Could someone from Devon-Technologies make a comment on the below, please?

  1. Can’t you provide a short list of the URL scheme options that exist. I literally searched at different places and found nothing…

  2. With the new sync options it would be excellent to have an expanded functionality / parameters. I would like to pass the title of a note the body-text and link to the original source. This seems to work with the described title, location, text parameters. However I would like to select a DTTG database and group within a db to place a note directly where it belongs within the DDTG app, in addition to a comment-text or tag parameter. ==> This would allow some automation potential to this already very nice functionality!

Thx for a feedback f someone more knowledgabe and apologies, if this post may be placed at the wrong place…

Would it be possible to specify a location for the new note to be created? In other words if I didn’t want it to go in the global inbox but rather into a specific database, is there a way to specify that?

I use Launcher to launch a lot of my apps (and actions) in iOS. Via this forum I already found x-devonthink://createText as a custom URL to quickly create a task. The only problem is that it uses whatever is on the clipboard (which I have to delete in order te create a different note).

Is there a custom URL which just opens up a new text item, with the cursor ready in the body to start typing away? This would be much appreciated! Would save me the trouble of entering a quick note via Notebox or SimpleNote, which then has to be migrated to DT.


I found some documentation on custom URL via the forum, but not yet what I’m specifically looking for. So I thought I’d give it a shot with you guys.

I really need an URL to use with Launcher, so that I can launch a new note via Launcher. x-devonthink://createText doesn’t do the job unfortunately, ‘cause it will copy what’s on the clipboard which I then first have to delete. I need an URL that opens up a new, empty note, with the cursor ready to go in the body of the note. Do you know if it exists?



(that period at the end is part of the string… it seems to give me blank notes when I set it up as a custom launcher)

You are a hero! It works like a charm, does exactly what I wished for.

Thank you so much!

Thanks for this!

Unfortunately, I’ll have to take that back. It did do exactly what it wished for, but not for long. Now I end up with a period at the beginning of each entry, or somewhere in between the other characters. :frowning: Admitted, the problem is not huge. But I know myself well enough to know that it will bother me quite a bit.

Seems like it can’t be done?

Try the following as a custom launcher:

In other words, swap the positions of &text and &location in the scheme you are using

This creates a new blank dialog box for text entry in DTTG2, at least in my testing of it.

Thanks for thinking and trying with me. Unfortunately, both on my iPad and my iPhone this URL results in een new bookmark (with the URL at the bottom).

I’m giving up. I will use Drafts instead as my quick entry inbox. And will take the time to get to know that application a little better as well. As it might improve my overall workflow.

Where are the notes created using these urls stored in DTTG? I’ve created a few notes, but can’t find them. My guess was the inbox, but they are not there.

You should try this:

The ‘%02’ is a HTML url-encode for start of text. From my testing using Workflow to launch this, on both my iPad and iPhone it launches the DevonThink note field, and the cursor is at the beginning. It doesn’t add an extra character at the beginning or when you are typing, like you where seeing with the other launch urls.

The only issue I saw was when my iPad was in landscape mode it would scroll down the notes and it would appear blank (scrolling back up shows them again), but I will be contacting them about this because it happens for me every time I enter text in landscape.

@JCSully217 Thanks for helping out!

iPad: works flawlessly. Also after restart.
iPhone: works almost flawlessly. It does everything right, except there’s no cursor blinking so I have to manually tap the notes-field in order to start typing. Any idea how come?

We’re almost there! 8)


Which version of DTTG are you running and which iOS version are you running?

(Sorry for the delay in reply.)

All the latest versions. No problem at all, thanks for thinking with me!

I believe the issue should be resolved in 2.0.5, it has been working in the beta for me, and now in the official release it is also working on my devices. Hope it works for you too!

I’m implementing Drafts more and more in my workflow, which makes this custom url unnessecary. Just dumping everything in there, to later sort it out (and send it to DT or OmniFocus, or…). I like this better because the text-entry box in DTTG is small and the risk of loosing data (when switching apps during data-entry). Both are not the case with Drafts.

Is there any way to target a particular database’s inbox with the URL scheme?