Adding Comment (Annotation to Document)

There seems to be no way to annotate a document in Devonthink. I have a Comments column that is empty and could be useful but there is literally no way to add my comments. Is there?

Please be specific in your inquiries. There is no singular document in DEVONthink.

  • PDFs can be annotated. (See Help > Documentation > Documents > PDFs).

  • Any file can have an Annotation file associated with it (see Tools > Inspectors > Annotations & Reminders).

  • Comments (see Tools > Inspectors > Document > Properties - related only to RTF or PDF files and only editable for RTF) are not the same thing as Finder Comments (see Tools > Inspectors > Annotations & Reminders).

Thanks for the quick response – these are eml files. Unfortunately, my bar does not have the “Tools>Inspectors>Annotations”

It appears you are running DEVONthink 2.x.

The current version of DEVONthink is 3.0.4 and is no mere “update” but a core rewrite and an even more powerful new application.
We do not suggest staying with the 2.x line fo an extended period of time. You can select ​DEVONthink (Pro Office) > Purchase ​to open our online store with upgrade options specific to your license.

That being said, you can add a Spotlight Comments column in the list view of DEVONthink 2.x. And an Annotation file can be created with Data > New from Template > Annotation.

Thanks. Devon 3 allows me to annotate?

Yes, as noted in my previous comments.