Advice for super simple workflow to organise and cite

Now that I know zotero plugin will still be able to cite with only the metadata (and I’ve tested this), I’m slowly being converted to preferring to import the files into DT and avoid the potential risks of indexing.

What’s stopping me is that I only seem to be able to import the files from a folder as a one-time action on whatever files are there at the moment. Is there a setting or a smart rule that would allow DT to watch the folder into which I place zotero attachments, and automatically import them into DT whenever a new one is added? If so, how do I set this up?

Thanks! I very much appreciate all the advice and suggestions offered here.

While it’s not the only solution, why not just use the Global Inbox?
See this recent blog post…

Ah, yes, that works just fine! and it has the advantage of giving me pause to decide whether I want to file the items at all. Thank you.

Ok, with the help of everyone here I think I’ve found my workflow, and it does everything I wanted in a simple manner:

  • Capture items from the web using Zotero’s best in class (for my purposes) browser extensions.
  • Use the Zotero 7 zotmoov plugin to automatically move all items into DT inbox, thereby avoiding the indexing risks.
  • Organise the items in DT, using DT’s superior functions for keeping and searching through them.
  • Still have the metadata in Zotero so that when I write in word I can use the Zotero citation plugin.

So now whenever I have an item to add, there are just two steps and I’m done - one to capture it using the zotero extension, and then one to decide where to file it in DT.



You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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