After moving an item, is there a shortcut to rapidly return to the item list?

My workflow consists in importing everything into a Temp Group in the Global Inbox, and quickly moving them all into their corresponding groups at the end of the day.
My problem is that after moving an item, the cursor disappears from the item list instead of highlighting the next item in the list. To work around this, I must re-click in the Item list to move the next item.
Is there a keyboard shortcut which would allow me to quickly return to the item list ?
thank you

I sort of do as you do making this an end of day task to look at the “Today” Smart Group, and any that are not already automatically put into the correct group by DEVONthink, I handle by

  • First, using the “See also and Classify” Inspector which generally is pretty good at picking the right group.
  • If not, then Second, I press Ctrl-Cmd-M to “Move” the item to another group which is presented from the list. Generally I have a Group name in mind so I type it and DEVONthink makes that selection active and I press ‘enter’ to move it.

You don’t say how you are moving them, but I suspect you are using the “Drag and Drop” method. While it works, I find the above are better and avoids use of any added complexity you are seeking.

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Thank you very much @rmschne . I should have expressed myself more clearly.

  • like you, I have a group into which I import all the items for the day
  • like you, I press Ctrl-Cmd-M to “Move” the item → type the name of the destination group → selection is usually active → Enter

My problem occurs after the move. After a move, the cursor disappears. I simply want to go to the next item in the item list of (Today Smart Group for you, Temp Group for me), and the only way to do so is to manually click in the item list. I would like to use a keyboard shortcut to do so, and accelerate my workflow to quickly reclassify (move) the next item, and so on until all items in my temporary group are moved.
thanks again for your reply.

The request is noted.

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I was about to make a similar request. Appreciate if you can share any updates.

How do you usually move the items? There are several options (e.g. drag & drop, contextual menus or Data > Move To…)

In my case, I use an applescript to move it to a group. It’s triggered using keyboard shortcuts.

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In this case it’s actually up to the script to change the selection.

If it’s not asking too much, would you be so kind as to give an example of a script ? It’s exactly what I am looking for. thank you

E.g. like this. However, this uses the Unsorted sorting and not the one currently used in the frontmost window.

tell application id "DNtp"
	if (count of selected records) is 1 then
		set theUUID to uuid of selected record 0
		set theChildren to children of current group
		set i to 1
		repeat with theChild in theChildren
			set i to i + 1
			if (uuid of theChild) is equal to theUUID then
				set cnt to count of theChildren
				if i > cnt then set i to 1
				set theNewSelection to {item i of theChildren}
				set selection of viewer window 1 to theNewSelection
				exit repeat
			end if
		end repeat
	end if
end tell

thank you very much Christian, but I am sorry for not understanding.

Let’s say that:

  • I select an item in a global inbox group called “Temp Items”
  • I want to move the selected item to a global Inbox Group called “DevonThink Synopsis and Tips”

How would I modify the script accordingly ?

I also don’t understand what sorting has to do with the move procedure.

thanks again very much Christian for your time and help

The script is just an example for this:

There are already many scripts on the forum that move items.


OK, I will look but never found one that works. thank you Christian

Is this the actual thing you’re trying to automate?
If so, I think there are other ways you could accomplish this without a script.

yes, The source is always the selected item in the Temp Items group. The destination is perhaps one of 10 most common destination groups (out of hundreds of groups). All in global inbox database.
thank you for your reply.

  • Are these groups in your Favorites?
    • If not, have you considered just putting them there and dragging / dropping to the groups as needed?

Also, here is a little teaching edition script showing a simple approach that could be used…

property destinations : {{itemName:"One", itemLink:"x-devonthink-item://5AC5368D-E392-45B8-BC86-EFAFB757D519"}, {itemName:"Two", itemLink:"x-devonthink-item://EF76CBFB-2085-4964-AA97-C18A6B373AFF"}} -- Set up a record/nested list of the destinations

tell application id "DNtp"
	if (selected records) ≠ {} then
		repeat with theRecord in (selected records)
			set itemChosen to (choose from list {"One", "Two"}) as string -- Set up a list with the exact name of rach destination specified above
			repeat with i in destinations -- Loop through the destinations
				if (itemName of i) = itemChosen then -- Does the name match the destination chosen?
					move record theRecord to (get record with uuid (itemLink of i)) -- If so, move the item to the destination
					exit repeat -- Leave the loop if successful
				end if
			end repeat
		end repeat
		display alert "Please select a file to move." -- If nothing is selected, just alert and quit
	end if
end tell

thanks very much. I will give it a try and get back to you.

You’re welcome (though I think using the Favorites is still the better option :wink: )

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tell application id "DNtp"
	set selectedNotes to get selection
	repeat with theNote in selectedNotes
		set theFilingGroup to get record at "Group Name" in database "Database Name"
		move record theNote to theFilingGroup
	end repeat
end tell

@cgrunenberg this is what I am using

Thank you @BLUEFROG . My destinations can be different from my favorites, so I prefer a script.

I prefer @ashish 's script (thank you @ashish !) because it is very easy to integrate into a keyboard maestro macro palette (= menu of macros) which allows me to move files at lightning speed with keyboard shortcuts.

A minor point in favour of r @ashish 's script, is that it requires only the group name, not the name and the link.

thanks again very much to both of you.