AI with DevonThink - Is anyone Integrating it Into Your DT workflows?

OK, I know AI is a fad. However, reading blogs, listening to some podcasts and experimenting, it is finding a place in my workflows.

Currently, I am mostly using ChatGPT and Perplexity.

In my MarkDown writing platform Obsidian, I am using a plugin called Connections. I am finding it extremely useful and a good launching pad.

For example, I asked it today ‘Based on my Notes from this last week, what were my main focal points?’ Now obviously this is only as good as my notes are, but it confirmed some of my self evaluation of the week. It also highlighted a couple of potential blind spots or biases. Then I asked it, based on my notes, what should be my top three priorities for next week? Also, based on my notes, where are some additional resources for researching social impact enterprise strategies. Etc. You get the idea.

So my question is, is anyone bringing this kind of work in an integrated way with DevonThink? Personally, I see this as another great tool. Where Google is good for finding links, I think AI can help us query and find information in a more focused way.

It is not the utopia to thinking… but I think like a GPS is great as a navigating and drivers aid, it will clearly be an outstanding research tool. Kind of like ‘Ask Jeeves’ of years ago coming of age.

There has been a lengthy thread on this topic some time ago here. Did you see that?

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No, I searched for it… digging again now.

Perhaps searching for GPT works better


Ok, I found it.

Sorry to open another thread.

I suggest that in the toolbox it has some very interesting use cases. Will it think for me? No. Will it highlight things I had not considered or provoke new lines of enquiry? So far I have found this to be the case. Could it help me find additional source materials to consider. Yes, particularly Perplexity.

Some of this is not new. What Arc Browser just announced reminds me a lot of DevonAgent. In many ways Devontechnologies has always been ahead of its time.

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